Baseline implementation

Open-source code of RPNI and Blue-Fringe is proposed as a good starting point for challengers. This code is written in Ruby and distributed under a MIT licence.

Download, sources and api

This code is also made available on github:

Installing Ruby

To run the baseline implementation, you need a correct ruby installation >= 1.8.6. Please refer to for download and installation procedures on the operating systems. On Debian/Ubuntu system, the following command should suffice:

apt-get install ruby ruby1.8-dev ri irb rake rubygems rdoc

Running tests & Generating documentation

After having downloaded and unzipped the archive, type the following command in the main folder:

rake test
rake rerdoc

Please report any test failure on our redmine bug tracker. The documentation can be browsed from the index file located in doc/api/index.html.

Competition roadmap

The baseline implementation contains rpni, redblue and executables in the bin folder as well as training and test sets for the problem 31 in the example/competition folder.

If you type the following commands in turn, a binary sequence will be written on the standard console. It can simply be submitted on the website…

./bin/rpni --verbose --output example/competition/31_rpni_induced.adl example/competition/31_training.adl
./bin/classify example/competition/31_test.adl example/competition/31_rpni_induced.adl

The baseline implementation has not been implemented with efficiency in mind so that it may take several minutes to synthesize machines on hardest problems ;-)